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The Smooth Sailing interactive installation

Come and see us at the Brighton Fringe.

Constant Escape Productions presents a 2 in 1 experience.

An immersive screening of the award-winning short film Soggy Biscuit. A dark comedy exploring toxic masculinity, men’s mental health and how so often peer pressure, humiliation and brutality acts as a substitute for emotional vulnerability and support.

Follow a dirt trail leading to a dark foreboding forest where you will be asked to put on a battle worn army uniform. Choose a wood stump by the fire and there you will feel right at home to watch Soggy Biscuit.

Smooth Sailing, an interactive installation delving into the world of Emma Jesse’s next short film shooting in Brighton late this summer.

A misogynist estate agent called Dave wakes up to discover his reflection has changed into a beautiful and voluptuous woman.

To find out more, come and see the show at the Brighton Fringe.

The installation will be active from 2 to 8pm on the 18th to 21st May.

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